There's going to be major beach vibes in Colorado soon. Big waves are coming to Colorado soon and here's where to catch them.

Think lots of waves and even more sand this summer. The Great Sand Dunes National Park is essentially about to turn in to a beach.

A surge flow is about to happen, which is according to KOAA News 5:

Surge flow is a very rare phenomenon in which water flows in bursts, which cause waves on the sand.

Waves can even get up to one foot high and can happen every 20 seconds. I think this might be one of the closest things to a beach we have in Colorado. This beach has sun, sand and even waves.

Usually, the surge flow happens in late May, but because of how cold it's been, it should be coming in the first two weeks of June.

The number one thing I miss the most is the beach, so this surge flow at the Great Sand Dunes National Park is not something I'm going to miss.

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