When you go to the beach, usually the one thing you don't want to happen is see a shark. Look at how many sharks are in this video and see how close they are to the beach!

I've never been much of a "beach person" but this will probably keep me away from any beaches any time soon. I never knew sharks would come THAT close to land... not cool sharks, not cool.

This video was taken at the Cape Lookout National Seashore off the Crystal Coast of North Carolina. The Carolina's have some beautiful beaches but I'm not sure they're worth getting that close to sharks, albeit they didn't seem that big... the quantity is what's crazy. Apparently (according to the description on this YouTube video) they were all feeding on a school on Blue fish, and that's why the seagulls & pelicans joined them.

Would you be too scared to go back to the beach if you saw this many sharks that close to land? Maybe I'm the only one who thinks that is just too close of an encounter for a person to experience. Although, I guess this is better than a Sharknado.

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