Seems like a strange question, but it's worth asking - are you willing to pay for your own search and rescue?

Of course, you hope that you never have to be searched for or rescued, but the fact is it happens - a lot. While most adventure seekers don't expect they will need to be rescued, there were more than 1600 rescue missions in Colorado last year.

For a state that thrives and survives on outdoor life and activities, it seems odd that there is no funding available for rescue operations when they become necessary.

According to The Denver Channel, the state of Colorado wants outdoor enthusiasts to purchase a CORSAR - Colorado Outdoor Recreation Search and Rescue card. The $3 purchase will help offset the cost of rescue operations in the state.

If you don't have a card it doesn't mean you won't be rescued in an emergency situation. It's simply a small way for Colorado thrill seekers to enjoy the outdoors responsibly. The card is not insurance.

If you purchase a hunting or fishing license, you've actually already paid for search and rescue costs. But, for hikers, bikers, climbers, and others it is something to think about.

I'm a hiker and I'm willing to invest $3 in a recreational activity I love to do. Are you?

The card can be purchased on line,or from one of these Colorado vendors.

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