It's been said that a cup of tea makes everything better. I most definitely would have to agree with that statement. Especially afternoon tea at The Brown Palace in Downtown Denver.

The Brown Palace Hotel is located at 321 17th Street, Denver, Colorado. This ravishing, gorgeous, hotel is full of history and charm.

Opening its doors in 1892 and known for being one of the most welcoming hotels in Denver. Entertaining every President of the United States since Theodore Roosevelt with the exception of Calvin Coolidge.

The Brown Palace Hotel has hosted numerous celebrities and professional athletes in their day, but one story I love most is when 6'7" Julius Erving a.k.a  "Dr. J," didn't fit in the bed and refused to stay there. Known for the best slam dunk in the NBA but The Brown Palace wasn't a slam dunk for him.

For most, it has been a slam dunk. The Brown Palace provides tours Wednesday's and Saturdays and during the month of October you can sign up for a ghost tour which is a total thrill.

Afternoon tea at The Brown Place Hotel during the holidays is my favorite thing to do though. The Christmas decorations are a sight to see and the teas available during this time of year are truly delightful.

It's a tradition with the ladies in my family to go a couple weeks after Christmas. Lights are still up and not as crowded but you still have to make reservations well in advance. We usually make our reservations in September that gives us plenty of time to get the day we want without worry.

More tea for me please with a little touch of love. See you there soon.

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