Mother nature has turned up the instability, and this could cause some travel concerns later this week and into the weekend, and Thunderstorms, Rain, Wind and Snow enter across many parts of Colorado.

Starting on Thursday, a major storm is predicted to work it's way into the Western Slope and progress East throughout the weekend. A cold front that is associated with this storm will arrive, and kick up winds at times to over 45 miles per hour.

I spoke with Matthew Aleksa with the National Weather Service in Grand Junction. Matthew said that as the front enters the area, temperatures will begin to drop, along with it showers and thunderstorms, then eventually snow in the valley and winds will really be howling up to 50 miles per hour north of 1-70 and throughout Northwest Colorado.

Friday and into Friday night,  we could see snow as low as the mountain bases in the valley area's due to the temperature dropping with the cold front.  If you are going to be traveling into the mountains, we could see significant snow amounts of up to over a foot, with high winds as it pushes to the East.Treacherous road conditions will exist so be sure to take an emergency kit along.

Instability will linger throughout the weekend and even into early next week as it moves East.



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