A 95-year-old man has been accused of shooting and killing a maintenance man at his assisted living center.

The man, 95-year-old Okey Payne was arrested yesterday, Wednesday, February 4th after allegedly shooting and killing a maintenance man that worked at the assisted living facility that Payne lived in, who has been identified as Ricardo Medina Rojas.

The incident occurred after Payne accused Medina-Rojas of stealing $200 from his wallet, which was at least the second time that he accused workers at the assisted living facility of stealing money from him.

Payne was living at Legacy Assisted Living in Lafayette, Colorado, which is located roughly 22 miles north of Denver.

Following the murder, a report filed by law enforcement stated the following with regard to the shooting and Payne's allegations:

Okey stated it was too bad he had to ‘waste' him (Ricardo), but he’s hoping if something good comes from all this is that the stealing will stop.

The weapon used in the crime was a.45 caliber Colt pistol that Payne's father had used in the first World War, and the report also says that Payne waved it around at other people at the scene that were trying to help Medina-Rojas after Payne shot him in the head. Because of this, Payne is not only being held on suspicion of first-degree murder but menacing as well.

The 95-year-old man was interviewed following the incident and alleged that the assisted living center had confiscated other guns that were in his possession, were trying to kill him, and steal money from him.

[Fox Baltimore]

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