The Western Slope would love to hear any and all of these 13 things. These are 13 things you should most definitely say to someone from Western Colorado.

We've done a post about 13 things you should never say to someone from Western Colorado and now we're switching it up. These are things that you should say to someone from the Western Slope because we can almost guarantee their reaction will be good.

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"It's like a mini Napa Valley."

- We have dozens of wineries here in Western Colorado because the climate here is perfect for wine. We're definitely not wine-ing about it. (Get it? It's like whining, but it's wine-ing.)

"Palisade peaches are the best."

- Palisade peaches are the best peaches ever, some may even say they're life-changing.

"I can't decide what's prettier, the Colorado National Monument or the Grand Mesa."

- Both are beautiful in their own unique way. (I prefer the Grand Mesa, but that's just my personal preference.)

"Nice truck." (Or Jeep)

- It seems like almost every single person in the Grand Valley drives a truck or a Jeep, and who wouldn't want to be complimented on their sick ride?

"Is this 5'oclock traffic?"

- We know we're really lucky that we rarely ever have to deal with traffic jams.

"The Western Slope has the best corn."

- Olathe is known for their sweet corn so yes we do and also thank you.

"Western Colorado has the most spectacularly scenic roads."

- You pretty much always have a gorgeous view driving around in Western Colorado.

"I bet your weed is amazing."

- Although there are not as many dispensaries in Western Colorado as there are in other places in our great state, marijuana products are just as amazing. (Or so we've heard.)

"It's like you have 360 views all the time."

- This is true, especially here in Grand Junction.

"I miss Fun Junction."

- Don't we all.

"I can't decide which National Park or Forest to go to."

- This is definitely not a bad problem to have. We know, there's a lot to choose from.

"Would you mind if I shoveled that full inch of snow off your sidewalk/driveway?"

- Don't even ask because we don't mind you shoveling it for us -- at all.

"What is the Grand Valley curse?"

- We think most people in Western Colorado would love to tell you about the Grand Valley curse, considering they know just how true it is.

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