We asked you to pick one place to live, either the Grand Mesa or the Colorado National Monument. See where Grand Junction would rather live in this Mesa vs. Monument showdown.

The Grand Mesa is an oasis about an hour away from Grand Junction. It's the largest flat-top mountain in the entire world and is always a lot cooler (temperature-wise) than Grand Junction.

It's 93 in Grand Junction now but 70 on the Mesa. There are over 300 lakes, Powderhorn Ski Resort, and glowing aspen trees everywhere on the Grand Mesa. This was option number one for places for you to live.

Here's option number two -- the Colorado National Monument. The Colorado National Monument is in Grand Junction and stretches from Junction to Fruita. There's red rocks everywhere, canyons and sandstone towers.

The Monument has canyons that are 500 feet deep and rock monoliths as tall as 450 feet. As amazing as both of these places as are, you can only pick one.

The Grand Mesa

The Grand Mesa won by a landslide. Some of the reasons were there's better fishing on the Mesa (and I can attest to that), there's the smell of the forest and also because it's cooler -- literally. We're lucky to live so close to the oasis that is the Grand Mesa and if I had a choice between the Mesa vs. the Monument, I'd 100% pick the Grand Mesa.

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