A group of hikers was in Fairplay, Colorado when they heard weird noises coming from a mine shaft. You won't believe what they found at a bottom of the shaft.

Preston Gladd went hiking near Beaver Creek in Fairplay and heard noises from a mine shaft, Preston thought a wild animal was making the growling noises so he kept hiking. He returned to the same mine shaft about a week later because he couldn't stop thinking of the noises.

Preston came back with his dogs and then after hearing barking he saw was trapped in the bottom of the shaft-- it was a dog. He left, only to come back with help. Now Preston Gladd, his girlfriend, Portia Scovern, and roommate Gannon Ingles are back to the rescue.

Preston was lowered into the shaft using some climbing gear and tied a harness to the dog to get her out. The poor dog fell 25 feet to the bottom of the mine shaft.  The dog, whose name is Cheyenne, was emaciated and dehydrated but thankfully had no injuries. I'm so glad Cheyenne is okay, Preston thinks she was trapped in the shaft for at least one week and missing for over three weeks.

After Preston's girlfriend, Portia put the rescue on social media, they found Cheyenne's owner the very next day. The dog initially looks frightened but thankful to have such caring people come to the rescue. Cheyenne got a nice bath, food, water and lots of love before she was returned to her owner.

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