We all know there are a plethora of delicious restaurants here in Grand Junction. These are the restaurants you absolutely need to eat at in Grand Junction.

Since yesterday was my coworker's first day here at the radio station, we needed to go out and celebrate. We asked you on our Facebook where we should go and this is what we've got. These restaurants are the ones you need to eat at in Grand Junction.

Bin 707

There were quite a few comments for Bin 707, probably because their food is amazing. I chose this comment because those were some of my restaurant's suggestions too. Daisy gets it so she's coming to dinner at Bin 707 and to breakfast at Dream Cafe with us.

The Hot Tomato

I've heard lots and lots of great things about the Hot Tomato and they're definitely worth the drive to Fruita. I love pizza and they've got pizza -- and beer and wine. They also adore dogs at the Hot Tomato. What could be better than eating while surrounded by pizza, drinks, and dogs?


I just went to Suehiro for the first time recently and I was not disappointed. They've got delicious sushi rolls, rice bowls, and sake. Plus they're downtown so just walking there is a treat. The first treat of many at Suehiro.

WW Peppers

We got lots and lots of comments to try WW Peppers on our Facebook. My coworker tells me that their steaks, salads, and chimichangas are to die for. I know what I'm ordering at WW Peppers -- all three of those things.


Anytime I get to go to Rockslide is a good time. I love their burgers, beers and spring rolls. This is where we ended up eating last night and we left very full and very happy. Not only did I eat, drink and be merry, I also got to pet a sweet Rottweiler. The pup (and our food, lots of food) is in the Instagram post below.

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