I hate to admit that I've had more than one hangover in my lifetime, but the worst hangover I've had was memorable.

While I was out at Country Jam this weekend I watched many people stumbling and falling down as they were intoxicated.

I couldn't help but think they're really going to have a horrible hangover.

When I asked what was the worst hangover you've ever had on Facebook I could resonate with some of you BIG time.

The funniest comment we got was from Mary King ... it made me literally lol:

Vicki Gutierrez made me laugh too:

The most painful ones gave me flashbacks. The thought still makes me ill. Mine was the same as Julie's:

All of the above sound painful, painful, painful.

Jeremy Davis had a good excuse and Lily Koile and Xochitl Azteka Adame's sounds familiar ... yikes:

No more hangovers. They are NOT fun. "No whammies," clap ... clap ... clap.

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