I'm singing like Hank and Carrie Underwood today; "Are you ready for some football?" This is like a holiday for some Denver Bronco fans. Training camp starts today. This is the time of year when we start itching for the fall season and spending our Sundays cheering on our team.

If I'm not mistaken when I was born in Denver, Colorado, on my birth certificate it actually states that "I HAVE to BE a Broncos fan!" In my family, if you're not a fan, you're disowned. That's a lot of pressure, especially when they are having a rough couple seasons like they have.

Regardless of the Broncos record, I'm a fan for life. I'm not just a woo hoo touchdown kind of fan. I'm the crazy fan that is out of control. If I'm not at the game, I'm at home screaming at the television. Dressed in my Bronco gear and having a full-blown party each week.

Denver Broncos Training Camp means Traci Rock has a happy heart. Every year I believe we will be the best and I get so excited for the season to begin.

Super excited for the Monday, October 1st game against the Kansas City Chiefs. There may be war here with the boss man, that's his team.

Pre-Season 2018 Schedule

AUG 11 Minnesota Vikings home

AUG 18 Chicago Bears home

AUG 24 Washington Redskins away

AUG 30 Arizona Cardinals away

Regular Season

SEP 09 Seattle Seahawks home

SEP 16 Oakland Raiders home

SEP 23 Baltimore Ravens away

OCT 01 Kansas City home

OCT 07 New York Jets away

OCT 14 Los Angeles Rams home

OCT 18 Arizona Cardinals away

OCT 28 Kansas City away

NOV 04 Houston Texans home


NOV 18 Los Angeles Chargers away

NOV 25 Pittsburgh Steelers home

DEC 02 Cincinnati Bengals away

DEC 09 San Francisco 49ers away

DEC 15 Cleveland Browns home

DEC 24 Oakland Raiders away

DEC 30 Los Angeles Chargers home

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