I totally dig when Grand Junction engages in questions we ask on Facebook as I asked yesterday if you were a dunker or a dipper in honor of National Cookie Day.

I personally think dunking or dipping is yucky. I remember seeing my older brother dunking one time and I wanted to copy him no matter what he did. I thought he was cool and secretly I wanted to be better than him in most things I did.

My first experience in dunking gagged me. Eww ... crumbs in my smooth, cold milk. Not a good experience for me at all.

Mary King was the only one that agreed with me.

For the rest of Grand Junction, dunkers win by a landslide. There were a few dippers depending on the cookie and the circumstances, such as a hot drink or a cold drink.

National Cookie Day is always a great excuse to enjoy a tasty cookie whether or not if you dunk or dip. I certainly enjoyed my sugar cookie that my sweet friend made me.


Whoop There It Is In Grand Junction
Traci Rock


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