Wow, a pirate? That's what I was in a prior life. I should have know because with answers like mine? I should have known.

The quiz starts by asking your sex, of course I'm a male, then it gets into the nitty-gritty:

First, are one of the following, a fighter, peacekeeper, thinker or a leader?

If you guess a fighter for me, you are correct. You know how much I love my martial arts.

And then followed up on the question, "what are your thoughts on authority?" What would you chose below? I choose it can be corrupt and greedy:

1. As long as I'm the one with authority it's fine.
2. Who cares? I know how to get what I want and need.
3. It should be followed and respected.
4. It can be corrupt and greedy.

These are always a little bit of  fun and actually can be a little more accurate than you realize -- Aaaaargh!

That was my Pirate voice, was I convincing enough?

Take the quiz and find out who you really were in a previous life and share if you dare!

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