It may depend on what your definition of hipster is.

So let's start there, with the definition of "hipster." I've heard this word several thousand times over the last few years, but have never looked it up for myself. Google says hipster is defined as "a person who follows the latest trends and fashions, especially those regarded as being outside the cultural mainstream." While Wikipedia takes us a bit more in depth describing hipster as a subculture that is about "style, authenticity and uniqueness." It sounds a little more sophisticated than the stereotypes of tight pants, beanies, thick black glasses and an espresso in hand.

Maybe it's just new to me, but with our newfound education which city in Colorado would you consider hipster?

Recently Conde Nast Traveler posted a video asking residents of each state to identify their most hipster city. Of course this is completely bias and I don't think just one person can speak for all of us however, our representative did have strong feelings about Boulder. Yep, she chose Boulder as the most hipster city in Colorado.

Skip to the :15 mark.

She also said that Boulder would probably reject this notion, which could be seen as hipster, right? In addition our Colorado rep stated that although Boulder was her choice, they may lack the fashion sense to hold the title. Ouch!

I would like to point out that she has her dog with her in the video, which seems like a total hipster move. So maybe the most hipster city is the one she hails from. Of course, she doesn't reveal that information so I guess we'll never know.

Which city would you choose as the most hipster?

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