Just who do you ask when someone is new to the Grand Valley and wants to know where to go  to celebrate the New Year in Grand Junction?Asking the people of Grand Junction would appear to be the logical and most accurate answer, I mean Why not ask those that know this place so well, right?


I know I have run the gamut of NYE parties. During the Millennium (2000) I was in Las Vegas for one of the most surreal, bizarre NYE I have ever experienced. Last year I think I stayed at home. And being in radio I can't tell you how many New Years Eve's I've spent at some wild station/listener parties at a club or hotel.

So if you celebrate New Years do you celebrate it at home with your  family? Or with your friends? Or perhaps that favorite dive bar or club?  Or do you have a special tradition that you would like to share?

Where will you spend New Years Eve this year in Grand Junction?