What do you do when it is the middle of January and there is nothing to do at home? Well, you go have some fun outside of course.

That is exactly what my youngest daughter and I decided to do. It being uncharacteristically warm outside and with no snow on the ground, we made the decision to go and take a hike.

I am glad my daughter and I decided to go because I think we both just needed the time outdoors. We went to Dinosaur Hill out in Fruita and we had a blast,

We both found some cool rocks that we collected. My daughter while looking for rocks to show her mom when we got home, ended up discovering a dinosaur femur right there in a rock. It was seriously one of the coolest things that I have got to find with my daughter.

She decided that we should walk around a little bit after that and wound up right in the middle of a rock "F." Someone set it on the side of the mountain so people knew that they were in Fruita.

Once we got to the mine my daughter lost it a little bit. She has never seen anything like that. I could tell this was the most fun that she has had in a long time.

When we were done we decided to walk back to the car and head home. But first I had one more surprise for her. I quick stop to get us some chicken sandwiches!

For a January I can say that this was the best time I could have had with my daughter. I suggest taking your kids for a hike while it is warm.

Be safe and have fun!

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