It looks like the warm weather may finally be here to stay in the Grand Valley, so now we want to know when the Grand Junction swimming pool is going to open?

We might be rushing things just a tad, but when you're suddenly enjoying temperatures in the 80s,  you can't help but think about what comes next.

If your family is anxious for some fun in the water, here is what you need to know.

The Lincoln Park - Moyer Pool and slide will officially open May 25 with a big School's Out Party. Youth admission that day, including the big slide, will be just $2.50.

If you plan on being a regular attendee at the pool, it would be a good idea to pick up a season pass. If you make your purchase by May 15 you will save 20%.

If your kids need swim lessons, this is a good time to get them signed up.

Spending time at the Lincoln Park pool is a great way to cool down when the weather gets hot, and, assuming you are doing more than just laying out in the sun, it can be great exercise as well.

Be sure to stock up on the appropriate sunscreen and get ready for a summer of fun at the Grand Junction swimming pool.

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