Grand Junction is pretty much the mecca of all things outside when it comes to the spring, summer, and fall. But once that snow hits there aren't many winter activities around.

Unless of course, you want to drive a couple hours away to go and hit the slopes. So why hasn't Grand Junction and the surrounding valley done anything about it?

The Valley has enough space to accommodate something that could be used during the winter months. We could make something so cool that it could be left open year round.

You are sitting there asking yourself, what could we possibly put here that would make people come to Grand Junction during the winter?

Just think of it the Colorado National Monument, the desert, trails all that open space you could do so much with.

Well, my friends, that is where you come in. Considering almost everyone who lives in the Valley is an outside person why not go with what we got. The outdoors.

Here are a few things that I believe would make Grand Junction the place to be year round.



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