Grand Junction is such an amazing community and a great place to work, and shop and live on the Western Slope. However, do you think something is missing? Perhaps a business or a place that you have been on your travels, and you want right here at home?? Or perhaps a place that you used to go as a child!

Here are a few of my thoughts on what I would love to see right here in Grand Junction.

An amusement park - I remember as a kid, my mom and dad would always take us on a summer vacation, and going to a really fun amusement park was always on the schedule! We would pack lunches and take a cooler, and get there when the doors opened, and never left until we were forced out at closing time. What a great way to spend the day! What kind of amusement park would you like to see? I would love to create the biggest and best roller coasters ever, and maybe even put a water park with it! That would be awesome!!!

Would you like an amusement park here in Grand Junction?

More Stores - I understand in the world of internet shopping that everything is pretty much at your fingertips, however, I enjoy getting off my couch and getting out. I love all the places we can go here in Grand Junction, however, I would love to see even more. I always enjoy having places locally that way you don't have to drive all over the mountains. I would like to see some unique stores that we do not have here yet.

What type of places would you like to see here in Grand Junction?