Christmas is right up there as one of my favorite holidays. But once it is over that is when you start to think about New Years.

What I love to do for New Years is pour some sparkling cider and count down the seconds until the ball drops with my girls.

That's of course if my daughters aren't hanging out with nana for the New Years. If we have free time my wife and I like to spend it with each other and some friends and just have a good time.

What is your favorite thing to do for New Years? Do you like to stay home cuddled up? Or do you like to go out and celebrate the new year with a drink or two?

I want to know what you think the best thing to do for New Years is. Once we have a top answer on what to do, I will be doing that for my New Years. Sounds like a fun way for you to decide what I will be doing!

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