Having two daughters is a handful. With them growing so quickly the things we use to do is just not fun to them anymore.

So I decided to ask all of you what is the best place to go to have fun with your kids. There were a few good ideas that I am definitely going to be doing with my girls. Here are some things that you decided would be fun to do.

  • Canyon View Park

  • Colorado National Monument

  • Dinosaur Journey

  • KidsPlex

  • Eureka! McConnell Science Museum (camps)

  • Skating

  • Cross Orchards

Making sure my daughters are happy and having fun is my first priority. Having all these fun things to do in the Valley is a good start to making sure that boredom doesn't set in.

This weekend I am going to start with one of these to do with my kids. I should probably learn how to skate because I have a feeling that they are going to want to do that first.

Thank you, everyone, for your ideas! If you have anymore be sure to add it!

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