The Western Slope Craigslist has lots of different people looking for lots of different things. Here is a look at people who are shredding their way into love on the slopes and looking for someone to finish the love combination. Also if anyone has seen Vinnie the taxi driver, her bet is on you.

  • 1

    Fall into Love on the Slopes

    This girl fell pretty hard on the slopes. Literally, yes she probably fell down ,but she also fell in love. This shredder is for looking for the green eyed hunk to shred his way into her heart.

  • 2

    Finish the Combination, Unlock Love

    If you can finish this combination: 1972-2-11, you can unlock love. They vow to always pick off your lettuce and pickles and eat them for you so you don't have to. Now that's real love.

  • 3

    Her Bet is on You

    You both bet on horses at the horse track and now her bet is on you. The lady who "like to bet the long shots too" is looking for her love, Vinnie, the taxi driver. Maybe he'll roll his way back to her.

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