I recently lost, then found my indoor cat -- who had never been outside before until then. This is what I learned from losing my cat here in Grand Junction.

It was Wednesday night around 9:45 when my sweet baby Jax got out. Now Jax has never been outside before so I knew it was not good. Me and my boyfriend searched hysterically for hours and hours.

I had a toy in one hand a box of treats a flashlight in the other. I finally went to sleep (because I had a meeting I couldn't miss the next morning) around 1:30 am. My boyfriend continued searching.

After many tears and hours of worrying, my boyfriend finally found our Jaxy boy hiding underneath a car. I applaud him for not giving up, I knew our cat would come back to us. Jax was terrified, scratched up, but he was finally home.

I think it was around 5 in the morning when my boyfriend burst into the bedroom saying 'I found him! I found him!' I've never been so happy to see that cat in my life. This is what I learned from this craziness.


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    Neighbors Come Together

    I'm not really close with any of my neighbors but oddly enough, losing my cat brought us together. Everyone I came across offered to help and were extremely friendly and nice. A couple of neighbors put out food for him and helped us look. Neighbors come together in a time of furbaby need.

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    People Love and Care About Their Pets

    People here in Grand Junction truly love and care about their pets. You've proved it before but the other night reinforced it even more. I had people respond on Facebook and tell me in person they're happy I found my cat.

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    No Animal-less Life For Me

    Animals brings such a great energy and so much love into your life. I don't want to imagine a life without animals. Losing my cat for a few hours was the worst feeling in the entire world.

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    I Was Left In a Pizza Hut as a Baby

    I compared the feeling of losing my cat to how my parents maybe felt when they forget me in a Pizza Hut when I was a baby. At a liquor store I had someone bring that up to me and I guess it is pretty memorable. He clearly remembered it.

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    He Loves Us Back

    Obviously my cat loves us back because he came back. As soon as he heard my boyfriends voice he meowed back 'dad please come get me.' Jax has been so sweet and affectionate since he came back. Looks like he missed us just as much as we missed him.

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