Do you find yourself apologizing a lot for something and then after you apologize you think to yourself, "why did I just apologize for that? I didn't do anything wrong." lol

That happened to me this last weekend and I realized I apologize way too much for things I really don't need to apologize for.

When I went to Facebook to ask what you always apologize for I noticed I am not the only one that has this habit.

Katie Mattinson, Mickie Robinson, and Nora Lee, I feel I need to say I'm sorry here as I'm the same.

Some, like Chris Cooper and Lacey Bertram, apparently don't have this problem:

Lacey may not apologize for herself but maybe for everyone else. Maybe I should try this trick:

The two I most resonated with had to do with being late and crying.

I'm an uber passionate person and take everything to heart. I cry when I believe in something, I cry when I'm angry, I cry at commercials, I cry if I'm late ... lol. I even cry at Walt Disney movies.

Amy Powell this is funny:

Love Daphne's heart ... She doesn't like being late either and she lifts others up as she did with Candice:

Apologizing can be a good thing but sometimes I think it's okay if we don't. Finding balance is tough though ... Sorry!

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