Well? I guess I should have this this one coming, right?

How often do we look at our dogs and exclaim "Man these dogs got it good, I am so totally  jealous of my dogs life." I mean they live to sleep eat and play. at least my dogs do.

That's when I saw this little quiz about 'What Dog Were You in a Past Life'.

I think many of us would like to think we resemble our dogs in attitude and personality and that's why they make us so happy! The same can be said for our kids right?

I think many parents would like to think their kids attitudes, manners and success are based largely because they are 'OUR' kids and how could they not?

Take the quiz, share with your friends and then tell us, do you think you were really a chihuahua or a pit-bull or a Great Dane in your past dog life?

Some of the questions I picked like the Pacific Ocean as my favorite ocean, I  live in the present, I value family, and when I receive advice I take it to heart made me what I am at least in a dogs life.

For the record I have two Golden Retrievers and yes I WAS a 'Golden' in a past life. Honest! I didn't even cheat!