Picture yourself on the back of a beautiful horse, the sun shining brightly, the trail open before you.

Just the thought of going to one of these places, and seeing them from a whole new perspective is pretty exciting.

With so many places to see in the state, let's find a few with amazing views and horses to ride!

I have gone hiking here, but never did I stop to think about taking the beauty of this place on horseback. Rivers, lakes, wildlife, and wildflowers, all from the joy of being on horseback. National Park Gateway Stables and Sombrero Ranches is where you can start your quest by finding the mount just for you.

The most photographed mountain peaks in the state and it's obvious why.  Just pull up and let your horse drink deeply as you stare at the beauty that surrounds you. Find your ride at Maroon Bells Stables, Capitol Peak Outfitters or Aspen Wilderness Outfitters.

A trip through the Roosevelt Forest will satisfy any rider who would love to observe wildlife. Stick to the trails and have your video camera rolling! A visit to SK Horses or Jackson Stables and Livery will get you set up just right.

A tough one to say, but a great place to go. Near Pagosa Springs, Ouray and Durango put you in a spot where the forests are deep, the trails are great and the views are spectacular. And with so many places and things to see, make sure you have the time to do it all! Check with San Juan Outfitters or Over the Hill Outfitters to get you lined out.

We started you off with a few, so get busy planning your horseback riding adventures!

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