Western Colorado is known for its amazing mountain biking trails. But the fun can stop just as quick as it started if you aren't prepared. I decided to make a little bit of a guide to make sure you are prepared and are ready for the time of your life.


  • Always Wear Your Helmet

    Wearing your helmet while you are out riding trails may be uncomfortable, but it will keep your head safe in case of an accident.

  • You Should Always Have Food and Water

    Make sure to bring some food and water along on your rides. Nothing worse than getting hungry and thirsty in the middle of your ride. It will take any energy you might have and that could spell trouble.

  • Always Bring A Small First Aid Kit

    This is a must bring just in case you get some bumps and scratches. A first aid kit should be your best friend every time you ride.

  • Always Wear Proper Shoes

    Make sure you wear the proper shoes when you go out riding. If you don't I guarantee that your feet will end up in blisters. If you have ever tried to bike with blisters it isn't very comfortable.

  • Always Bring Proper Tools

    Nothing is worse than trying to fix your bike with the wrong tools. It can be done but it makes it harder than it should be.

  • Always Wear Proper Clothing

    Wearing a t-shirt with some jean shorts might be comfortable to walk in, that doesn't make it right for biking. Wear padded shorts and a shirt that has wicking material. This will keep you comfortable through your whole ride.

  • Always Bring Sunscreen and Lip Balm

    Being out in the elements it will dry you out and burn you. So bring some sunscreen and lip balm. This will make sure that you are a little more protected from the elements.

  • Always Bring A Spare Tube and Patch Kit

    This is a huge must. If you don't bring a spare tube, pump, and patch kit you are looking at a long walk back to your vehicle with your bike. Fixing your tire will take less time than walking back.

  • Never Forget Your Compass

    Bringing a compass will help you know where you are in case you go too far. This will help lead you back in the right direction and back onto the trail.

  • Always Have A Light on Your Bike

    This is for those riders who lose track of time when they are riding. Having a light with you will make sure you aren't trying to ride back in the dark. I've done it and it isn't fun.

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