If you've been to Wendy's lately, you may have noticed that they're running low on an essential item to their business - beef. The fast-food restaurant chain appears to be the first to be affected by the shortage, caused by processing plants being forced to close after workers get sick from the Coronavirus (COVID-19.)

It has been reported that the reason Wendy's is the first fast-food chain to feel the effects is that they pride themselves in serving ground beef in their burgers that is especially fresh, compared to their competitors.

In fact, nearly one-fifth of Wendy's restaurants have stopped serving beef altogether, while still offering other items such as chicken, their signature frosty shakes and fries, to name a few.

We reached out to Wendy's restaurant at 2010 North Avenue in Grand Junction and were informed that while they are still serving hamburgers, they have stopped offering double and triple burgers.

The first thing that came to my mind when hearing about this was the classic Wendy's commercial with the elderly woman angrily asking, "Where's the beef!?!" Well, apparently not at all Wendy's restaurants anymore.

In fact, one customer tweeted a picture of a sign on a Wendy's restaurant that addressed the issue, citing issues with their meat suppliers, and also noting that they are still able to serve chicken and side items.

Much like the fact that I've never been so excited to go to concerts and bars again, I have a feeling that it won't be long until I'll be craving one of Wendy's square hamburgers once this is all over.

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