This would be a pisser.

Could you imagine going to a concert at Red Rocks Amphitheater and deal with s#@* like this? I think I would be devastated.

I go to Red Rocks often and I’ve seen a lot of crazy things there. I’ve heard of some shocking stories as well, but none like this one.

According to Kyle Harris, a writer for Westword six porta-potties flew fifty feet across the upper south parking lot at Red Rocks.

Fans were in attendance to see the Widespread Panic. Not realizing that the “panic” would be literally over portable toilets.

The damage that occurred could have been so much worse, but the mess it caused was hazardous. It dented a vehicle and caused much concern if anyone was in any of the potties while they took flight.

Thank goodness nobody was hurt or in one for that matter, but it is a tad alarming. Why it happened and how it appears to be handled after the fact raises some red flags. This is probably why not much was said.

It’s a crappy story, but someone had to share it.

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