Mike the Headless Chicken, a.k.a Miracle Mike from Fruita, Colorado isn’t dead.

It appears he went in hiding. The pressure must have been so enormous and hard to handle after the instant fame that he was experiencing.

Treated like a monster and put on display to be made fun of and not to mention making his owner quite a bit of money.

Mike the chicken was determined to live and for a while, he showed many people his intentions to do just that.

Mike’s owner was Lloyd Olsen a farmer from Fruita. Lloyd cut off Mikes head to eat him for dinner one night in 1945, but Mike wouldn’t die. Mike was a pretty remarkable chicken.

This chicken definitely had a will to live. It was reported that Miracle Mike had passed away 18 months later, on March 17, 1947.

Now in honor of Mike, there is a Festival in Fruita called; “Mike the Headless Chicken Festival.” This Fruita Festival began in 1999 and is held each year, usually at the end of May.

Mike is celebrated with a headless chicken 5K run, egg toss, chicken bingo and more.

Earlier this week Scientists were thrilled to find a “headless chicken monster” caught on camera. According to Frankie Schembri from Science Magazine, this odd little guy is known as an Enyphniastes eximia, a deep-sea cucumber known as the “headless chicken monster.”

This phenomenal technology caught this difficult find in the Southern Ocean near East Antarctica, which was reported by Earther. Super fascinating actually.

So you see, Mike the Headless Chicken could still be out there. Hey, it happens all the time.

You hear about the struggles that famous people have to deal with and how they just want to disappear, like Elvis. Headlines have read “Elvis Ain’t Dead.”

Is Elvis really dead? The same question needs to be asked about Mike.

Is Mike the Headless Chicken really dead?

What do you think?

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