You really never know what you'll find on the Western Slope's Craiglist. Heartbroken poetry, a booty biter and a person seeking their laundromat lover are just a few.

Laundromat Lover


Love knows no limits -- or locations. This man has found love at first sight at a laundromat. He's looking for the woman who is "all kinds of fine" and was doing laundry at Holiday Cleaners.

Looks like this might be a bit a challenge for him, considering she had "some dude that looked sucked up tagging along," according to him.

Booty Biter


People truly have no filter on Craigslist. This individual is smitten by someone who chews gum while they work out (weird) and has a "really pretty face."

I think the Booty Biter is more concerned with -- you guessed it, the booty. They go on to say this person's booty is so "delectable, I wanna bite it."

Heartbroken Poetry


I didn't realize that people use Craiglist as an outlet, well more like a diary. I guess it's easy when it's anonymous.

I've seen angry rants, rants about how this is their "closure," rants asking their ex to take them back and now, some very sad poetry. Here are a few obviously heartbroken lines from "Better By Now":

But you said, I'd be better by now
All my friends, said I'd be better by now
But who cares? 'Cause I'm not better by now, no
I'm not better by now
Another 4 AM my battery is low
And I still miss you checking that I got home
Leave the lights on when I sleep alone
And I know I should but I just can't let go

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