Every state is full of towns with strange names or weird names that keep residents guess where they came from. Let's take a look at what Colorado has to offer, and wonder what the founders of those towns were thinking.

Some of these towns still exist, while others have become mere rubble of their former selves. Either way, everyone needs to pay homage to our outlandish ancestors.

Hygiene, Colorado

We're going to try to keep this clean.

Nunn, Colorado

Must be where all the good stuff happens.

Stoner, Colorado

Makes total sense in Colorado.

Wideawake, Colorado

Just don't fall asleep while driving through town.

Old Roach, Colorado

Because new roaches cause too many problems.

Boring, Colorado

There can't be such a place.

Spook City, Colorado

Haunted? Could be.

Bedrock, Colorado

The only residents are Fred, Wilma, Barney and Betty.

Lay, Colorado

Don't mind if we do!

Climax, Colorado

Still trying to keep it clean.

Dix, Colorado

We give up.