Every month you nominate your favorite teacher for Teacher of the Month. I have never received a handwritten nomination and I think this may be the most adorable Teacher of the Month nomination yet.

The handwritten note begins with an apology stating they couldn't get the website to work. My goodness, bless your heart. (That 'bless your heart' is meant in a good way, this time.)

This whole handwritten Teacher of the Month nomination says nothing but good things about Nicole Lee at Dos Rios Elementary School. Nicole is a special education teacher at the elementary school. The nominator goes onto state how Nicole always go above and beyond for her students:

She takes kids that are far behind and helps them to exceed. She gets the student, parent, school and other teachers together to help these students excel at school.

We Received the Most Adorable Handwritten Teacher of the Month Nomination
Alicia Selin Townsquare Media

I can already tell that Nicole is an amazing teacher. She sees the big picture and recognizes multiple pieces must be in place for a student to succeed. Now get your tissues ready.

Most of these kids have a bad home life, at times with only one parent, or no parent at all. Nicole figures if she can help them through school, they might have a chance.

I'm not tearing up, you're tearing up. Nicole seems like a beacon of light for her students. She is something to look forward to for her students and someone that will try everything to help. If you have a teacher you'd like to nominate for Teacher of the Month, send me an amazing handwritten note or nominate them below:

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