Have you had the opportunity to catch the full moon the last couple of nights? If not, catch a glimpse as it comes up over the Grand Mesa.

There I was, walking my dog up on Gunny Loop on Little Park Road, when the full moon began to peek out over the top of the Mesa. We've enjoyed several great full moons over the past few days,but with this view, it was something special.

Equipped with my dumbphone, the cheapest one a lack of money could by, I caught this video. For our purposes today, I created the video so it would run in real time. From the moment it first appeared until it was completely clear of the mesa came in at barely two-and-a-half minutes.

Did coyotes begin to howl as the full moon began to rise? No. Sorry, I know that's a dud of an answer, but it is, unfortunately, the truth.

Don't have a way to make it to the top of Little Park or the Monument? Rooftops work just fine. Standing up in the back of your truck has been known to work, too. Tonight, take a break and make a few minutes, about two-and-a-half, and watch the moon come up.