With the sun shining and blue skies surrounding us, it gives you false hope of warmth. Once you step outside for the day it is absolutely freezing.

My suggestion when you just can't get warm is to eat a nice big bowl of soup. Nothing works better at warming your belly and warming your soul. Once you take that first bite you won't stop until that bowl is gone.

Here are a few places around the Grand Valley that have incredible soups.

Zoup! has all kinds of soups that could cause a riot. I have been here a few times and every single time I have left satisfied. The best of the soups is the chicken pot pie soup. It takes just like a pot pie! You could get a whole bucket of it and be done eating it in less than ten minutes.

7th Street Deli is known mostly for their sandwiches. But what a lot of people don't know is that they have some amazing scratch-made soups. They make their soup daily and never repeat. The best one that I tried is the wedding soup. I have only had it one time and every other wedding soup I have had doesn't even compare. But every soup they make they all put their soul into it.

il Bistro Italiano has the best Italian food hands down. It tastes like you are eating your food, right there in Italy. They have a soup that is considered a starter but honestly, you could just eat that and be satisfied. I would call it a tomato cream soup or heaven for short. Every bite you taste the herbs and your belly stays warm long after you leave.

Yes, it's true that they have some of the best sushi that you have ever tasted. But, did you know that their udon soup and ramen is something out of this world? If you have never tried the udon soup then you need to get in your car right now and go get some. You can't go wrong with any of the choices, but the one I suggest is the seafood udon. Loaded with all kinds of seafood, it blends with the broth perfectly. After your done, you will think you just got done eating by the ocean.

Having a nice bowl of soup with a freshly made sandwich just reminds you of home. They have all kinds of soup for every different type of soup fanatic. The one that I get the most is the broccoli cheddar soup. Every time I have some it makes me feel like I'm having lunch with my grandma all over again. There is just something amazing having that much comfort in a soup. Give it a try and see for yourself.

Now it is time for you to give all these soups a try for yourselves. If you have a favorite type of soup or place let me know!


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