I have to set numerous alarms and press snooze a million times before I wake up, If you're anything like me, these Colorado items will help you wake up, a lot easier.

I'm not sure why I have such a hard time getting up in the morning, I've had this problem ever since I can remember. It's a miracle if I wake up after one alarm, it pretty much never happens. If you struggle with waking up, maybe these will help.

Kick It Old School

Maybe the old school sound of one of these vintage alarm clocks will get you up. There's even have one for the Denver Broncos fan in you!

Dumbell Alarm Is Genius

I love this idea! An alarm that forces me to get up, is something that I really need. This alarm will make you get up by going off until you do 30 reps to shut it off.  It's less than $20!

Coffeemaker Alarm Clock

Sometimes I wish I had a sign over my head that says "don't talk to me until I've had coffee." The Bariseur wakes you up with a fresh cup of coffee! This way, you don't even have to get up to get caffeinated!

Mix Your Coffee Up

Now that you've got your coffee maker alarm clock, you can mix up your coffee game. This dispensary in Denver has coffee with or without THC to make you a morning person, while still getting your caffeine fix.

Chase This Alarm Down To Turn It Off

The flying alarm clock sounds like you're on lock down and continues to do so until the propeller is reattached. I bet my kitten would love this one and it's about $10. 

Find Your Zen

Now & Zen in Boulder makes clocks and timers that "create a real difference in people's lives." Waking up to a gong could help you wake up, in a better mood. The Zen Timepiece continues to go off in intervals until it goes off every five seconds.

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