You woke up a little late, but you still want a good breakfast?

Warning, don't head over to the Village Inn off of Horizon Drive. On Monday afternoon, September 8, employees noticed a fire outside the restaurant near the entrance.

According to NBC 11 News here in Grand Junction the Grand Junction Fire Department evacuated the building and had to take out some of the wall on the right when you first walk-in as the fire had spread into the stucco between the walls.

It has not been determined what caused the fire. I reached out to the Grand Junction Fire Department to see if there are any new updates that we can learn about. Nothing yet.

I stopped by Village Inn yesterday and talked to a few guys that were working on the building. When I asked how the fire started, one gentleman told me by a cigarette butt.

Not certain if that statement is true, but when you look at the damage, it makes sense.

On the door there's a sign saying, "Due to a recent fire, we will sadly be closed until further notice. We apologize for any inconvenience." 

Unfortunately, no Village Inn off Horizon today.

Traci Rock
Traci Rock
Traci Rock