A woman in Aurora was frauded hundreds of dollars after a Venmo scam emptied her bank account.

The woman, who uses Venmo to pay her bills was contacted recently by phone by someone claiming to be from Venmo and wanted to inquire about a recent transaction.

He had asked if she had a transaction involving hundreds of dollars which she told him she had not.

Now here's where the scam comes in.

He then told her he would send her a six-digit-code to stop the transfer, as well as offering her a protection plan. He then asked her to read it back to him. She stated she stayed n the phone with the man for over an hour and once she hung up, she figured the issue was taken care of, even though there was no issue.

The next day, her bank account was empty.

In order to avoid this happening to you:

Verify the information you are given with the company it's about.

Change passwords regularly and don't use personal information in your passwords.

Never, ever give any personal information to someone calling you about any of your accounts.

Keep you and your accounts safe.

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