A Utah paint shop created a custom casket for a fallen police dog in just 24 hours. The casket is hand-painted and is a beautiful final resting place for the K9.

Herriman City's Police Department's K9, Hondo, was unfortunately shot while helping officers apprehend a fugitive, according to KDVR. The poor dog was shot in the sternum and passed away at a nearby vet on February 13. Hondo is a hero and his fellow officers are made sure his final resting place is fit for one.

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The police department often takes their bikes to Rawtin Garage in Salt Lake City and called them about making Hondo's casket. They wanted a custom casket for their fallen friend and they needed it fast.

Although they've never worked on a casket before, Rawtin's Garage created a beautiful, custom casket for the fallen K9 in 24 hours. According to Rawtin Garage, it was an honor for them to paint this hero's casket.

It's amazing that the entire casket was hand-painted. Painted on the casket is a black American flag with a thin blue line behind Hondo's amazing portrait, who is pictured wearing his police harness.

There's a logo at the bottom of the casket that says 'Herriman City Police K9' and there are so many little details that make this casket so special like the little dog prints and K9 logos. This is a beautiful way to honor a fallen officer, K9, and friend. I have no doubt that this good boy, this hero, is now in a good place.

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