After a parent learned her daughter couldn't say 'no' when someone asked her to dance at a Valentine's Day school dance, she took it up with the school. This shows the importance of teaching consent to our children.

Kanesville Elementary students in Ogden, Utah were required to fill out heart-shaped dance card with ten of their dance partner preferences. The students were expected to accept all dance partners, according to the Salt Lake Tribune.

A spokesperson for the school district Lane Findlay, stated that the rules applied to 'all students regardless of gender' and that the event was 'voluntary.' I'm not even sure why there are such rules in place. I never recall having to fill out any kind of 'dance card' or being forced to dance with anyone.

Lane Findlay also stated that:

We certainly understand the concern and would never want to promote a mindset where student don't feel like they have the option to say no.

If all students are expected to accept all dance partners and all students are required to follow the rules, that's just hypocritical. This makes me question what kind of message this sends to our children. Our children should be allowed and encouraged to say 'yes' or 'no.'

Veronica Hardman, a mother of a sixth-grader who is attending the Valentine's Day school dance, makes a great point:

You should be able to say yes or no to anybody. Life is rejection.  You do get rejected.

I completely agree with this mom. Life isn't all about saying 'yes' to everything and everyone, we have to say 'no.' And we have to get used to other people telling us 'no' and that goes for our children too.

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