Hang up and drive. We all know phones are a distraction when driving, but is using yours illegal? While not encouraged, technically no, but soon it could be. 

According to Denver's Westword, 'A new bill to make driving while using a handheld cell phone or similar device illegal in Colorado is ready to go for the 2019 legislative session.'

That means you can only use your phone if you have a hands-free device or use in-car calling. There are, of course, some other exceptions.

Right now, it's only illegal to use a phone while driving if you are under the age of 18 (which, honestly, it seems kind of silly to stick an age on it). Alive at 25 states that back in 2009, a Colorado law passed that banned 'the use of cell phones for drivers under the age of 18 at all times.'

'In addition, texting, emailing and twittering are banned for all drivers.' That bill was passed in Fort Collins after a nine-year-old girl was killed by a texting driver.

Read more about the potential use ban from Westword here.

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