You know life is so serious all the time. That's why I love any chance to enjoy a laugh, or two, or three.

This year for my work Christmas Party we voted on whether or not we should wear ugly Christmas sweaters. I immediately voted yes and honestly I was kind of surprised that others weren't as excited as myself.

We decided that if you want to wear an ugly sweater you may, but who wants to be the only one in an ugly sweater. Me? ... YES!

I'm going to do it. Ugly sweaters rock and make me laugh.

This whole ordeal made me curious. Are there others that will be rocking ugly sweaters this year?

All be darn, there are others as wacky as me. Here's what I found:

Wear your favorite ugly sweater on December 20 to Hot Tomato Pizza in Fruita from 5 p.m. to 8 p.m. you'll receive beer specials and perhaps win a super sweet trophy. So fun and my one of my favorites too. I knew this place was cool.

The biggest reunion around will be celebrating with an ugly sweater party at the Mesa Theater. This party is for everyone that is 18 years old or older and owns an ugly sweater.

It'll also be a huge class reunion for all that graduated from Grand Junction, Fruita, Palisade, Central and R-5 in 2008.

This Valley knows how to rock the ugly sweaters that's for sure. I'm going to rock mine as much as possible, are you?

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