If you're a mom, you deserve a day to be lazy. Today is that day because it's National Lazy Mom's Day! Here's how Twitter is celebrating.

Apparently, National Lazy Mom's Day is every first Friday in September! Lots of moms should be taking a break from the dishes and laundry and all the other awesome stuff moms do.

This mom knows the deal! This couch sitting, brownie brittle eating, YouTube watching guilt-free mom is the epitome of what you should be doing for Lazy Mom's Day.

I like this mom's taste in TV! Narcos is a great show and today's a great day to binge watch it.

The boys of this mom decided today was a perfect day to pamper their mom. Nice work on the hair and makeup, kiddos.

I'm sure you moms get this all the time. Today is your day to delegate, chill out, and make you Lazy Mom's day great. What are you doing for National Lazy Mom's Day?

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