When you go out to eat, whether as a family or on a date there is something about it that makes it fun.

So why not take the fun up a notch an try eating out at some pace a little unique. Take a look at these unique restaurants that will leave you full and happy.

Do you want to eat at a place that makes you feel like you are dining with the queen of hearts? Food so good you will never scream "off with your head". That is exactly what this place gives you. Did I mention that it is an Alice in Wonderland themed restaurant? The menus have eaten me and drink me so you can choose what you are going to have. How cool is that?

Casa Bonita is one of the coolest places you could ever eat. It was one of my favorite places growing up. The food, in my opinion, is pretty good, but you go for the cliff jumping. They also have an arcade and caves for you and the kids to explore. On my next trip to Denver, I will be taking my kids here for the first time ever.

Shooter's Grill is a bit different than the rest of the restaurants on this list. All of the servers openly carry a firearm on their hip. You might want to try the guac nine burger. Named after the exact firearm that they are carrying. This is one of the coolest and safest places to eat.

Have you ever wanted to eat while in a church? Well, now you can. This restaurant is in an old church which makes it very unique. They make some of the best steaks that I have ever had. The Italian food makes you feel like you are at home in Italy. If you are in the Trinidad area you must make Rino's a stop.

The Diamond Belle Saloon makes you feel like you are in the wild west. The servers dressed like dancehall girls. The music that is playing is ragtime giving it that amazing saloon feel. You will not be leaving hungry with food like the chicken fried ribeye steak. The drinks that they make are made from old historic recipes. Talk about a cool place eat!

Trying something a little new while going out to eat will make the experience worth it. If you have any that you know of let us know!

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