Every now and then, you've got to treat yourself! If your go-to treats are food, drinks, weed or being pampered, here's how you can do it on the Western Slope.

I love food and treat myself to it, a lot. Do you like fish? Try the trout. Do you like delicious, slightly spicy food? You've got to try green chiles, which you can put on anything. I've had them with my breakfast at Mary's Restaurant and I have no plans of stopping. Got balls? I'm all for fried food but Rocky Mountain Oysters are for you, definitely not me.

There's nothing quite like cracking a cold one. Colorado has so much craft beer to choose from! I think after moving here, the cheap beer days are over. I also enjoy the popping sound when opening a wine bottle. There's so many many breweries and wineries in the Western Slope, the options are endless. Peach wine sounds pretty good right now.

There are way too many medical and recreational dispensaries to count here in Colorado. If you prefer to eat, drink or smoke your treats, most offer a variety of choices — anything from sodas, chocolates, concentrates to good ole plant. The closest ones on the Western Slope are Kush Gardens and Tumbleweed.

Have you been stressed out? Treat yourself to one of the many spas on the Western Slope! I thoroughly enjoy getting my nails and hair done. Although I’ve never had either, I see a facial and massage in my future

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