Living around the Grand Junction area, I know first hand that we are known for our mountain biking. It is one of the incredible things about Grand Junction. I figured we could take a look at some of the best trails ranging from easy to very difficult, I am sure we will find a trail that will any rider happy!

Starting the list off we have a family friendly area that you can take your kids on. I am talking about Three Sisters Park. It has trails ranging from easy to semi-difficult. If you want to have fun with the kids take them out on the easier trails. If you're feeling like going it alone, go on a take a trip down one of the more difficult ones. On one hundred and forty acres you can't go wrong with whatever you do. There will be signs around letting you know what each trail is.

This one has taken years to finish but this is the most family-friendly of the group. It is the Colorado Riverfront Trails. This took an endless amount of man hours to finish, but the views on this ride are fantastic. If you are feeling up to it make it a day thing and do the whole trip. That would make it sixty miles in total! There is an amazing amount of wildlife, especially birds!

Now we are gonna up the stakes a bit and go a bit more difficult for the more experienced riders. To those more experienced riders, I'm talking about Mary's Loop Trail. Ranging from intermediate to moderately difficult you will have your fun rolling down this trail. You can also up the difficulty if you feel up to it by combining it with other trails. This one is the Elvis of the group. Meaning if you mention Mary's Loop most people will know what you are talking about.

Rising up in difficulty we have Lions Loop on the list. This one is meant for the more experienced riders having more of a terrain and what adds to the difficulty is the fact that is almost completely downhill. Make sure you know what you are doing before you and try to take this one on.

I saved the most absolutely difficult trail for last, why you ask? This trail is only meant for riders who have the most experience under their belts. I am talking about Zippety Doo Daa. It will take you through ups and downs, twists and turns, that could possibly push you to the edge. But the views on this ride are second to none. So if you are that experienced rider I am talking about, feel free to give it a go.

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