Not going to lie it was so hard to pick my top three wedding movies of all time but I managed to narrow it down! What do you think?

Father of the Bride-Hot Dogs and Hot Dog Buns

This is a great scene when the father of the bride, George, is just fed up with everything and was sent to the store to get hotdog buns! Classic!

My Best Friends Wedding-I say a little pray

That awkward moment when you and the groom are the only ones that knows that you are in love with each other and then one person starts singing 'your' song!

Wedding Crashers-Sailing through the Vows

This is the wedding movie made for men! After watching this movie I wonder how many guys out there started to come up with their own creative ways to crash in on the parties after watching this one. Check out these scenes where the two guys are crashing a bunch of different weddings! It is full of hilarious awkward moments and smart, witty man come backs!

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