Nothing better than enjoying a nice cold beer this time of year.

In light of International Beer Day, I felt like having a nice cold beer and sitting outside and embracing all the beauty in on the Western Slope.

I got to admit that there are some sweet spots to whoop it up around Grand Junction and Palisade.

According to our friends on Facebook, the top three places to grab a cold beer  sounded excellent to me:

  • 1

    Blue Moon Bar and Brille

    Great atmosphere to enjoy a nice cold brew. Friendly staff that goes out of there way to make their customers feel right at home.

  • 2

    Palisade Brewing Company

    This place is the coolest. Just like their logo says, "Beer That Makes You Smile" =) and it does.

  • 3

    Rock Slide Brew Pub

    The first brewery I went to when I moved to Grand Junction. I love the staff and I totally enjoy sitting outside as I watch people walk by on Main Street. Makes sipping on my nice cold brew super enjoyable.

  • 4

    Kannah Creek Brewing Company

    Award-winning craft beer several times. Fun flavors and always a good time.

  • 5

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