Craziness can happen in many different ways. Take for instance my grandpa's hat. This isn't just any hat either. I never had the pleasure of meeting my grandpa, he passed away when my father was only fourteen. I never even saw a picture of him until yesterday. We kept digging, tearing up every time we came across something new.

Then we saw it. The hat my grandfather use to wear. I picked it up gently because this hat has not been worn since 1972. Something told me it's ok youngin put it on. What made it even crazier was the fact that it fit my head.

When my dad saw it on me he teared up a little bit because the last time he saw that hat it was on his fathers head. My father as a child never got to wear this hat. My grandpa was a tough man, according to my father. But something tells me that if he were to ever meet his grandchildren and great grandchildren that tough man would become a complete softy. I know this because I believe the reason I put that hat on without any hesitation was because my grandpa told me to do so.

Grandpa if you can hear me thank you for letting me put your hat on. I know that hat meant a lot to you. I never got to meet you but I will tell you the same thing I tell my father, your son, in whatever I do, I will make you proud.

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